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This is a proof that I was not born bald!!

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Photos from Kerman

I was born in the jewel of the "Loot" desert, the driest part of IRAN in a city called Kerman in 1954 (1333 Iranian year........ and 25 years before the second Islamic ruling in Iran).
More than 1001 nights or more of my
childhood nights I stared at stars seemed to be as close as 100 feet away . Sleeping outdoor was (and is) a common practice to enjoy the fresh air of late spring and some of summer nights and also to save on the air-conditioning cost ( that did not exist).
Being a sensitive person I was very busy with certain things in my childhood: day dreaming, reading books (about 100 a month!), filling up pages in my memory booklet, writing bad poems that even myself did not like, and the most pleasurable thing: listening to radio (a cordless 2-station ear radio!).
I think I have fallen in love more than 20 times between the 4th grade and 7th grade, but nothing come close to the first love of course. I was 7 and she was 6. I still remember that beautiful face opening the big heavy door of their house in the square near our house in Kerman and smiling at me. Where she is today, I don't know. May be happily married with 20 kids (not mine), maybe dead in some kind of accident, maybe executed by my government, maybe rich and famous resting in a small island .........or maybe still single, waiting for me.

I had a wonderful family all my life. I thank my parents for cutting their daily bread to give me decent education in best schools and universities (BSc degree in Accounting and Masters degree in Business in 1981). My older sister Nasrin teaches at University of Tehran and also helps injured people get recovered. My little sister Simin whom I call "Fessgheli= The little & the youngest" teaches at Southern Polytechnic State University. I wish my brother Saeed who was a genius, was alive (if he could survive in the Iran-Iraq war) to see my web page today!

In 1978 I came to "UMRICA" or U.S.A and from then things went like a crazy fast forward. I married to a wonderful woman from Cuba, who left her beloved land for the same reason that I did. Gave life to 2 kids: Bijan (born in 1991) and Giselle (born in 1992).
I published "PAKE MONTHLY" a community magazine with lots of art and literary subjects between 1986 and 1991 in Atlanta, U.S.A.
I started writing a column for an independent newspaper called "
IRANIANS" in late 1999. Today I write better than my childhood years. I write for liberty and freedom and aggressively tease on the fanatics (revolutionary Islamists) who messed up the sweetest years of my life.
And I am here now......, In front of you on the wings of internet.
I hope you enjoy my satire that is being created to promote human values, competition of cultures, self-god evolution, unity of powers and peaceful existence of all people within a civilized society.

Love you all!


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