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"Koocheh" by Fereydon Moshiri


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Dar shab by A. Mir-Afzali

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Asseman-e sorbi (By Simin Nasseri)

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Poems of Iraj Mirza

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Two poems by Khajoo Kermani

Hunting the Hunter

Reason is a bird
from our nest;
Galaxies are some dust
risen from our doorstep.

The world-illuminating sun,
the sovereign of the East,
Is an ornamental image
on the ceiling of our hall of mirrors.

The blood you see
in the eye of the horizon at sunset
Is the sips
of our nocturnal wine.

What we hunt
is no one but the hunter;
Our trap is the same
as our bait.

Our arrow pierces
through the armour of the firmament,
For our target is
the heart of the universe.

No charm can lure us
away from the path
Since the two worlds
are full of our fascinating tale.

Though with the people of the time
we are not happy,
Happy are those
who live in our time.

If there exists a paradise,
it lies in the dust of his doorstep,
Where we have
our eternal abode.

now our songs are sung
All over the world
with the music of our fame.


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Tomb of Khajoo in Shiraz


The Gem and The Mine

Of thee I tell thee secrets
in a wordless language;
From thee I ask the way to thee
on a traceless trace.

In vain thou concealest thyself
from the eyes, for thy sun-like face
Beams through heavenly veil
like the light of day.

What a delicate concept thou art,
far above reasoning!
What a divine Verse thou art,
needless of interpretation!

How can I close my eyes to thee?
Thou art the lamp inside the eye.
How can I part with thee?
Thou art the resident in the soul.

We are all rays and thou art the candle;
We are all substance and thou art the spirit;
We are all raindrops and thou art the ocean;
We are all gems and thou art the mine.

I have never seen a face like thine,
so graceful point by point;
I have never seen a scripture like thee,
so meaningful verse by verse.

So mercilessly injuring Khajoo's heart
with the arrow of thy coquettish glances
Is far from the way of friendship
and against the rules of affection.

Translated into English by Mahmud Kianush

Some English poems:

mlk.jpg (13096 bytes) Standing Tall

In honor of Martin Luther King

Some kings rule their kingdoms sitting down
Surrounded by luxury, soft cushions and fans
But this King stood strong
stood proud
stood tall



When the driver told Rosa "Move to the back of the bus!"
When the waiter told students "We don't serve your kind!"
When the Mayor told voters "Your vote don't count!"
And when the sheriff told marchers "Get off our streets!"
using fire hoses, police dogs and cattle prods
to move them along
This King stood strong
stood proud
stood tall
Speaking of peace
of love
and children
hand in hand
free at last
free at last

When some yelled for violence
For angry revenge
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
He stood his ground
Preaching peace

And when some spit out hate
He stood there smiling
Spreading love
Until it rolled like the sea across the land
Sweeping away Jim Crow
Breaking down the walls
Ringing the bell
For Freedom

Standing on the mountain top
They shot him
Hoping to see him fall
Hoping to put him away
To bring him low

But this King
even in death
even today
stands strong
stands proud
stands tall
And we remember

by Jamie McKenzie

Poems of Pablo Neruda


Up Nima Shamlou Sepehri Forough Akhavan Good Poems

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