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Ta Hozoor (M. Azarm)

Persian Calligraphy of Iran (Poems Of Sohrab Sepehri)

New-York va Jik-Jik (By Sohrab)

Tonight I shall go ; Toward the wordless vast which ever calls unto me ; somebody called again : Sohrab!; Where are my shoes?!
I have a lot to say to you, Oh Bird! You who sing out of sight. Over the lagoons, green eyes do you fly, or your wings by the spring of apprehension do you wash. Where are you hidden , Oh Bird?
Let us steal Life and divide it between two wonders. Let us see everything in the younders. ....
A swan is suddenly startled from rest. She cleans her white wings from dust of the Nile. Together with the delicate dance of the reed bed. The lagoon opens her wet eyes white. ......

I peel a pomegranate and say to myself ; Weren't it good if one could see, the seeds of people hearts ; Tears come when the juice splashes in my eyes.....

Let us clean our eyes; Let us see in another way; Under the rain, we should see our friends; Under the rain, we should look for love.

(By Sohrab Sepehri)


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